Okay, we just asked you if you wanted to have a Visual Recording of your event, meeting, keynote, retreat. Why do we think a drawing of your event would be useful?


Will visual recording be useful to your event, company, team, and or meeting?

If your goals include:
- Group ideation
- Group buy-in
- Building and keeping excitement after the event
- Having a visual and helpful takeaway
- Letting people be in the room and not anxiously taking notes or asking “will these slides be available later?”
- Giving space for reflection
- A greater understanding and recognizing of patterns
- Retention of the information you are going to provide the participants

We think it visual recording can aid in all of those goals and is one of the reasons we have decided to integrate it into our work. We have used it with our own meetings, at multi-national company retreats, to aid with mission and value building sessions, t to record and deliver a takeaway for diversity and inclusion work with adventure travel professionals, and for every stop along our bravespace tour.

Below are a some articles and studies about why visuals and graphic notes are a key tool in learning and remembering: