How about instead of speaking TO your audience, we have a conversation? Sure I can do the regular old traditional keynote kind of thing if that's your prime vibe, and if you want that, I promise to mix it up with something brave because I can't help myself.  But what I really love to do is talk with you.  it is so much richer when we get to explore the thing together. I've done a lot of speaking and facilitating and no crowd freaks me out, so bring it on.  Sample Topics:

  • Bravespace Workplace: A Call to Leaders (exploring what people need from work and the 5 Levers for Change every leader needs to make their workplace fit for human life)

  • Real Partnership: Inclusion and Diversity Practices for Women and Work (practical ways women can lead for inclusion with men and each other)

  • Loving Men: Women's Role in Healthy Masculinity (exploring toxic masculinity and women's part in shifting it as co-workers, mothers, daughters, sisters, and friends)

  • Finding and Keeping a Job You Love (how to assess work fit from the outside in and find your perfect place to land for now)

  • Dare to Lead: Building Your Courage Practice (integrating the groundbreaking work of Dr. Brene' Brown)

  • CultureBuilding teams, and aligning strategy for results

  • Difficult emotions


Interested in having Moe on your stage? Reach out! 

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