oct 16-17

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Dare to lead

Who we are is how we lead.

Awesome and scary as heck.

People know their company through their relationship with their immediate boss. So whether you have one employee or hundreds, the call to bring your full self to your work as a leader is urgent and critical. In order to create bravespace workplaces of tomorrow where people can bring their full selves to work, leaders at every level need to up their game.

This two-day workshop, Dare to Lead, is an empirically based courage-building program based on the most significant findings from Dr. Brené Brown's latest research which points to the fact that courage is a collection of four teachable, measurable, and observable skill sets. This interactive, engaging, and potent workshop will invite participants to deepen their ability to move from armored leadership to daring leadership in any arena.

Local facilitator Moe Carrick, renowned for her consulting skills to organizations, her energy and her practical style, can also prepare participants to become Dare to Lead certified through attendance. Upon successful completion of the training and an exam, certified facilitators are authorized to issue Dare to Lead Trained certificates to individuals who successfully complete the full 16-hour training. In addition to receiving a certificate of completion, these individuals are allowed to put a Dare to Lead Trained badge on their LinkedIn account. Further information is available at

The combination of Brené Brown's tool-based, empircally-based curriculum and Moe Carrick's savvy business context and high energy make this an exceptionally rewarding workshop.

Further information is available at

Join Moe for this immersive and abundant workshop exploring concepts that allow us to lead with heart and mind in the fullest sense. Learn more about Moe at

Program Hours:

9am - 5 pm

9am - 5 pm

Admission includes lunch, coffee, workbook, and completion certificate and seal

bravespace tour

We will be launching Moe’s newest book, Bravespace Workplace: Making Your Workplace Fit for Human Life. The Brave Tour will have at its core a workshop for leaders at every level exploring the human needs that work fulfills and the five levers for making your workplace one where people can show up as they are, both worthy and flawed, and do great things together. In this interactive workshop we will identify strategies for activating, enlivening, and tenderly supporting the complex humans who work for you so that they can bring their complete selves to your organization every day. In particular we will:

  • Examine what people need from companies;

  • Explore trends affecting all of us at work;

  • Learn the 5 levers for change (Who, What, Where/When, How, & Why)

  • Understand toxic and healthy workplaces;

  • Identify next steps for you and for your organization

Tuition includes a signed copy of the book, snacks/beverages.