Moementum is a B-corp consulting firm

My time on the inside of corporate america was cool, but it sucked the life out of me a bit. I thought we could do business better, so I started a company.  our firm exists to help brave people do the hard things that make organizations great and benefit people, their organizations, their partners, the environment, and the community. 

People know their company through their immediate supervisor. Check out this short video about managing people, dear boss


We would love to work with you if you want to jump into the really hard touchy feely stuff that make your workplace awesome, like:

• Leading with grace and courage, as you are
• Creating a culture of integrity, safety, life, creativity, positive impact, and humanity
• Growing teams who trust and really see each other
• Organizing in ways that make sense for people to drive accountability and empowerment
• Thinking about why your company does what it does and consciously making it sustainable
• Partnering well as if your health depends on it (cause it does)


The tools we use include assessment, design, facilitation, consulting, experiences and group/individual coaching. Our work centers on 6 key and connected areas:


Shared Strategy Planning

Shhhh. Don't tell: strategic plans that result in binder on a shelf are useless. It’s true. Our interactive strategy meetings and offsite retreats move way past the goal of a tidy binder to get people really talking deeply about where you've been and where you dream of going.

An engaging, thoughtful, and visually supported process results in a roadmap for the future in which everyone feels heard and next steps are obvious.



Culture is the lifeblood at work and it drives how you do everything. It is hard to measure but felt by everyone. We believe that organizations must be resilient, sustainable and focused on more than just the bottom line in order to face the challenges of business today.

If you want audacious results, culture takes center stage. We help you assess, celebrate, integrate and leverage culture as the center of how you roll.



People are not machines: they are messy, complex and unpredictable but at the heart, most of us simply want to do the right thing. How we organize people (done right) creates clarity, accountability and connection for everyone. Examining structure reduces confusion, increases engagement, and aids in talent planning.

We can help you assess yours to see if it's working, and change it when it makes sense.



The crux of leadership lies in cultivating relationships. Period. Lots of other stuff matters but not as much. People know their company through their supervisor, which means your leaders should be focused on creating connection, empathy and trust while killing gossip, entitlement and collusion.  

From the front-line to the Board, we offer group and individual work for brave leaders at  all levels.



Best. Team. Ever. Do you remember yours? Kind of like the perfect soufflé, great teams don’t just happen--they take effort not to flop. Great teams are made up of real-deal human beings who get all up in each others business for a common goal. They co-create safety, honesty, and trust to be real with each other.

 Our custom approach delivers WHOA memories for your people to act differently and feel better back at work.



Yeah, sure, it sounds easy.  Leveraging diversity and including everyone?  But heck, real partnership across difference is way tougher than most of us think.  

We view inclusion as a journey not a destination, and we think these times call for all hands on deck, including white men. We start with looking inside at bias and privilege and move beyond to tangible skills for reaching across.


Get in touch with us, tell us what's going on, and we'll start there. we've got this.

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