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A second book coming from Moe Carrick in 2019


One-day workshops rolling out starting in January 2019.
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Loving Your Job: Finding Your Work Fit Workshop

  • What are my options if I find myself in a company or job where I really don't fit?

  • How can I know where I will thrive?

  • What should I look for when I search for companies who need my skills?

  • What can I do when there is a mis-fit between me and my company?

  • How do I figure out what I really need and want to thrive at work?

  • When I am evaluating a job, how can I assess the core elements of culture work fit that really matter?

Fit matters to an organization’s success and an individual’s happiness.  Looking ahead, the match between employee and employer in terms of engagement, satisfaction, and productivity will matter more than ever. Through stories, research and exercises, participants in this session discover the conditions they need to make the right work match. Utilizing a high level of interaction and reflection, this session will prompt attendees to think differently about their own work future.

Schedule coming soon; contact us if you want to host a workshop in your town.

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