Our amazing clients are incredibly diverse.  They vary in size and include family-owned businesses, tech start-ups, nonprofits, companies that make stuff, adventure travel businesses, hospitals, schools, trade orgs, agencies and many more. We know that every team, organization, company and leader can benefit from what we teach, how we facilitate and the connections we create. We want to be a partner for the longer haul with your heavy lifting, and we believe you've got this. Check out a few recent ones here and just ask--we are happy to have you call them. Almost always they become friends!


We searched the internet for images that would clearly represent the work we are doing at Moementum and kept coming up empty. Our clients aren't the run of the mill and stock photos just weren't cutting it. We decided to go take our own photos of our diverse client work spaces. The photos featured below are just some of our clients and the work spaces fit for human life they have built. 

Moe was outstanding. I have studied for an MBA and received a massive amount of training on leadership, including with officers of the British Army at the Royal Military College, Sandhurst, and Moe’s training session was probably the most concise and wide-ranging, clear, insightful and practice training on leadership in the workplace I have heard.
— Matt Loveland Co-Founder and CEO Experience Jordan
Culture is a frequently overlooked lever for success. As savvy leaders invest to tap into the advantages of a healthy culture and highly engaged teams, it’s imperative that they work with a partner like Moementum. Over the past several years, Moementum has proven to be a highly valued advisor in areas related to organization and culture. Moe Carrick is skilled at working with leaders, understanding an organization and applying the right tools at the right time for a company to see immediate and sustained results
— Scott Allan, Global General Manager, Hydro Flask
Our company has been relying on Moe and the team at Moementum for nearly a decade. During that time, Moementum has been hugely impactful to my development as a leader as well as the development of the organization. Her work to help us diagnose and cure our issues at the top level unleashed the creativity of impact of people across all levels of the organization. The fact that our business results began to accelerate just after beginning to work with Moe is far more than correlated. I’m certain it was causal. As we continue to grow as an organization Moe, continues to give me and our entire executive team timely and insightful guidance. She also adds her expertise to our People Development function to help us craft impactful training for managers at all levels. One sure sign of the value Moe adds is that whenever Moe facilitates one of our executive team sessions, the group immediately wants to know when she is coming back again! I would recommend Moe to any individual or organization looking to transform their leadership to drive business results.
— Ron Fritz, CEO, Tech Soft 3D
Moe provides a wide range of services from consulting to coaching, but her real value is as a sage and trustworthy confidant and ally of impeccable integrity. I would stake my reputation on recommending her work.
— Bill Scannell, GM Certainteed
Moementum has served as so much more than a consultancy for the Adventure Travel Trade Association over the past 15 years. As a long-term friend, associate, partner, and advisor, Moe has impacted us in so many ways: she’s helped us strengthen our communication skills as a remote but highly engaged team, she’s led us to rally behind a focused organizational vision, she’s encouraged and driven a women’s leadership initiative within our industry, and her ongoing honesty to strive towards improvement in her own balance of work and life has been an inspiration to many on our team and in the broader ATTA community of thousands. Our organization has grown, shifted and diversified along various paths since the early years, and Moe has been alongside us on the trail, offering guidance and input, and bringing her best self at every intersection.
— Alice Gifford, ATTA Events Content Manager
Moe’s work with our association has been pivotal in turning adventure travel professionals into thoughtful leaders in the industry. Her own passion and vulnerability while doing her work, allows her clients and workshop participants to open up in a way that other experts may not access. This leads to more personal success for her clients and deeper conversations between colleagues.
— Casey Hanisko, President of the Adventure Travel Trade Association
Moe was great to work with and brought huge energy and creative ideas into her facilitation with our executive team.
— Beverley Whitehead, BMW South Africa
Moe Carrick understands the future of the workplace. Her open-hearted, trust-centric approach to business leadership is not only good for employees, but it’s also good for the economy.
— Vanessa Childers, Editorial Director, Conscious Company Media
Moementum’s work with us was masterful, especially in terms of leading our large group of independent minded individuals into productive discussions.
— Jeff Gellert, former President, Jesse Engineering
Moementum has been an incredible asset for us as a small, fast-growing company in a very dynamic and often challenging market environment.
— Gregg Patterson, CEO, PV Powered
Moe has supported me personally as well as my colleagues at Volcanoes Safaris over many years. As a pioneering organisation operating in two post conflict countries, with staff from many different ethnic backgrounds we have faced many challenges. As a mentor, Moe is sensitive, insightful, practical and frank. She calls it out as it is with all in an organization. She helps you see, grow and rise to new challenges in a direct and compelling way.
— Praveen Moman, Founder Volcanoes Safaris
You know, we’ve worked with lots of different consultants, but you’re just different. When you work with us, we see how good we could be. You help us see our potential and you’re willing to help us achieve it.
— COO, Equachlor
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