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Name the Ugly, Scary and Hard (Authenticity for Leaders) Lesson #2

Lesson #2 Name the Ugly, Scary, and Hard
We do not like to talk about the hard stuff. The unsavory, the complex, the things that might
hurt, sting, offend, make messy, or confuse. It makes sense. For nearly a century, management practice has
scrubbed feelings out of the workplace as if they are dirty. But Bravespace workplaces are built upon the
recognition that feelings are essential elements work that we must work through together.
What does this mean for leaders? As always, leaders have to go first. For many of you this may make your palms sweat. What? I have to talk about my feelings? But I don’t like talking about the hard stuff anymore than my employees. Well, get used to it.

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Okay, so, admittedly, I am not close friends with Glennon (Doyle). I do not drink tea with Brene’ (Brown). I’ve never shared a field with Abby (Wambach), walked the block with Bell (Hooks), played Pass the Pig with Oprah (Winfrey), or laughed out loud with Liz (Gilbert.) Yeah, sure I know some of them: Glennon amazingly endorsed my upcoming book—thank you @glennondoyle; I’m on Brene’s Dare to Lead™ team and after a session with her chatted about my cool boots and the work we would do together—thank you @brenebrown; Abby listened to my book read aloud by Glennon and Honey—I LOVED Wolfpack @abbywambach.) But really, I’m a superfan only—they do not know me from dust, although I sometimes fantasize that they feel me out here.

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Loving Men: Rethinking Women's Role in Defining Masculinity

I love men. As a heterosexual, CIS gendered, white woman, it has been part of my unconscious legacy to support, befriend, marry, work with, and raise boys and men.

And it’s my love of men that makes me scared for them. I am deeply troubled about the state of men today. This matters because as most of us know, any group can only move ahead as fast as its slowest member. What is real for me is that if men as a social identity group fail to thrive, it will impact all of us. I want to talk today about my own hard learning about what gender equity means in the truest sense.

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The Tour!

The idea started with a question from the team (Mei and Liz) about whether I would be doing book signings for Bravespace Workplace, my new book due out in May. I answered “Yes, I think so…”, while explaining that a modern “book tour” a’ la Michelle Obama is rarified air reserved for the very famous. Despite modest success with my first book, FIT Matters, I would have to make any tour happen due to my own effort, although my Publisher Maven House Press would be completely on Board.

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