Giving Back: Why It Matters

“I have never heard of anyone having that particular goal for their business; that’s cool.”

-Roger Lee, Executive Director of EDCO

He genuinely seemed surprised when I told him that we have a goal of committing 30% of our time as Principals and allocated 30% of our income to pro bono services that pays little or none, but advances traction on issues that matter in Central Oregon, the USA, and globally.

Which got me thinking, what does that statement really mean to me, as Founder and Principal of our firm?

It means that we spend time and energy engaging in ways to bring the same level and quality of work that we bring to our business clients to non-profits, governments, and agencies who might otherwise not be able to afford us.

It means we get to stay current on issues that affect the things around us that don’t always translate to monetary value, but really make our society and our world work:

  • Social services for people in need
  • Environmental issues to preserve and protect the natural resources we all depend on for our quality of life (air, water, plant life, soil, ecosystems)
  • Prevention of and recovery from war and violence
  • Differences that often are at the root of conflicts that cause devastation and poverty
  • Healthcare
  • Policy-making

It means we are able to leverage the hard work and investment our clients make in our firm beyond the advancement of our mutual profit and goals (although these matter hugely to us) for the greater good.

It allows us to put behavioral traction behind our basic belief in abundance. We know that by giving back, we receive, and at one time or another, we or our families are the recipients, not the givers.

It means that we walk our talk.

Our business model is to deliver the highest quality consulting services designed to create resilient organizations and great leaders for a fair market value. We guarantee our work, and we delight in seeing our clients succeed.

And the goal of Moementum’s “30% Give Back” rule?  Well, it adds depth and meaning to our impact overall.

Thanks, Roger.  I knew there was a reason we say it that way, and even more importantly, why we do it.

Jim Morris