Courageous Clients Examining Organizational Culture

In the spirit of recognizing and applauding courageous vulnerability, we would like to give a special shout out to three of our clients:

Tech Soft 3DThe High Desert Museum and Bloomer Chocolate Company recently completed the Denison Organizational Culture Survey and engaged in a comprehensive process to examine and improve their company cultures.

Taking an honest look at organizational culture is tough.

Our process involves surveying all employees to find out how they really feel about the culture of their organization, asking them about “how we do things here,” and engaging them in creating ideas for action to improve the culture. Asking for this type of honest, expansive feedback, especially for an organization, can feel like opening Pandora’s Box. The three companies mentioned above received input from employees about how healthy their cultures are, and are currently in various stages of rolling out the data and forming meaningful action plans.

What we believe at Moementum is that most organizational cultures are not examined, so we greatly admire those who are willing to take a closer look and make improvements based on what they learned.

Great work Tech Soft 3D, High Desert Museum and Bloomer Chocolate! We are honored to be your partners during this process and we applaud your efforts to become even better organizations for your employees.

What are our clients saying about culture?

“I can say without hesitation that our company would not be in the strong position it is in today were it not for our high-value relationship with Moementum.  They worked to first understand our culture, then helped us understand the levers that truly move that culture in a positive direction. From there, Moementum  led us to an understanding of which levers would provide our particular company with the most lift, as well as how and when to apply force to those levers. Through this partnership with Moementum our company culture has improved dramatically, with a correspondingly dramatic improvement in overall financial results.”

– Ron Fritz, Co-Founder & CEO, Tech Soft 3D

“Moe and her team have been instrumental in providing structure and guidance as we launched a year-long project to examine our organization’s culture. They tailored their approach to our unique situation of having gone through a period of tremendous leadership change. The tangible tools that they have provided the organization, and the leadership team specifically, have been invaluable in helping us take the next steps towards improving our culture, and ultimately fulfilling our mission without the distraction of inefficient structures.  Moementum has incredible experience to help leaders lead and organizations foster productive, positive culture.”

– Dana Whitelaw, Executive Director, The High Desert Museum

Jim Morris