When I was an English Major in college, my jam was reading. I have devoured books since I was a little girl, seeing them as a portal to new parts of myself and the world.  I only dreamed of writing. But now, holy smokes, I am an actual writer! I write blogs (super fun,) write articles (check out a few, ) and whoop whoop my first book became a best-seller and came out in May 0f 2017 by Maven House Press. I love to tackle topics that make your palms sweat and your heart beat about all the lovely messiness that is people at work. Check out some of them: Working Together Across Divides, The Soft Stuff, New Economies, Feelings, and Courage Leadership

Fit matters: How to Love Your Job  (with Co-author Cammie Dunaway)

Are you thriving at work?

Work is central to our sense of identity, our family dynamics, and our motivation. We spend more time on the job than we do in almost any other aspect of our lives.  And yet according to Gallup and numerous other studies of employees today, most people report feeling disengaged, disconnected, and dispirited on the job most of the time.

That’s just not right! 

A great work fit brings us joy, connection, and meaning, and when we are misfit in a job, it affects everything we do and how we do it. This, in turn, affects the results of our organization.

I believe that you can thrive at work, and when you do, you will find more joy and fulfillment, get results for your organization and ultimately, make the world better.  Lets get on it!

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Fit Matters: How to Love Your Job
By Moe Carrick, Cammie Dunaway

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Moe is writing book two! Launching May, 2019 with Maven House Press.



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