"I believe that fit is one of the most important and least understood aspects of work. It can make the difference between extraordinary success and satisfaction, or unexpected derailment and discontent.  Today, when we expect employees to own their careers, recognizing what you personally need in order to thrive is essential.  This book helps unlock some of the mystery and provides practical advice that will help people make better, more informed decisions about the opportunities they choose to pursue."

 —Sekhar Ramaswamy, Chief Talent Officer,
Prudential Financial

“Imagine working for a company that has the culture & environment that allows you to bring your "Best Self" to work. STOP imagining, leverage the wisdom & tools in Fit Matter and get closer to your best self. This is also a great guide for managers & leaders who want to build world class teams!”

—Annie Young-Scrivner, EVP Starbucks
& Board of Director Macy's Inc

 "Moe Carrick has helped us in our quest to make a strong company even better."

—Reggie Fils-Aime, President,
Nintendo of America

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Workplaces Fit for Humans


How can you discover a job that really matches your needs? A job that provides meaning to your life? 

Fit Matters shows you how – it's a practical guide to help you find the job you'll love, at any stage in your career.

In this book, we offer what we believe is a key ingredient for work that’s essential for you today and tomorrow: hope.

The hope that, for most of the days you spend working, you’ll feel good.

The hope that meaning and value and contribution will be yours more often than not, resulting in greater alignment, satisfaction, and joy.


Being equal parts pragmatic and provocative, I engage audiences with talks on the so-called "soft stuff” that really matters: people, culture, leading, team health, work fit and business as a force for good.

I have presented on a variety of topics at numerous organizations including South by Southwest (SXSW), Women's Center for Leadership, University of Michigan, TEDx San Juan Island, TEDx Peachtree Circle, American Public Works Association, and the Northwest Human Resource Management Association. 

I'm also the Principal and Founder of Moementum, Inc., a Certified BCorp and consulting firm. My diverse client portfolio includes Prudential Financial, REI, The Nature Conservancy, TechSoft3D, Hydroflask, and Nintendo of America, among others.

Workplace Expert

For Coaches, Career Counselors, and Human Resource professionals, I offer a hands-on toolkit for your work with job seekers at every stage who want to find meaning and value in their work.

When we are suffering at work, we cannot possibly bring our best. Companies — and the individual people who work there — simply do better when the fit is right.

I'll partner with you or your team to unleash potential, improve impact, and reveal new opportunities. I have the expertise to collaborate with you to bring out the best in your people with skill, tact, and grace.

I work with leaders to design your company to attract the talent you really need and the environment that will keep them and allow them to thrive. 

I am a Certified Coach, Certified Senior Professional in Human Resources, Certified DiSC Practitioner, Certified Benchmarks Facilitator with the Center for Creative Leadership, and Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator.

“As a CEO, I’ve spent the last two years working relentlessly on fit for my employees.  Once we really started to understand it, we changed how we assign roles, who we hire, why we hire and how to manage people within their strengths and fit.  Finally a book by a true professional of the subject is here!  This book will be a game changer for readers.”
Shannon Stowell, President of the ATTA

"It is unfortunate how many people are disengaged at work. We live in a time where you can work a company that aligns with your values and sense of purpose and your work is no longer a job but rather a calling. This is a profound difference which authors Carrick and Dunaway understand completely. Fit Matters provides the road map for your great work fit!"
 —Scott Allan, General Manager HydroFlask